Saffron “Good Mood” Tisane


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Herbal tea containing: lime flowers and bracts, mallow leaves and flowers, fennel fruits, lemon verbena leaves, saffron. Pour boiling water on the sachet and leave to infuse for 7/8 minutes.

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A mix of herbs with a fresh and fragrant flavor and outstanding relaxing properties supports and enhances the Italian Saffron, the precious protagonist of this herbal tea. Warm, optionally sweetened with a little sugar or honey, Crocus the Good Mood Tea will accompany your breaks effectively and vigorously during the colder months. Fresh or warm, with the addition of a couple of ice cubes and a mint leaf, it will be a fresh and healthy friend of the body in the warmer months. With its unique aroma and color, it favors the perfect synthesis of well-being and good mood between body and mind …

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