Saffron Beer 380 ml


Light craft beer with Montalcino saffron.

This beer is handcrafted in Val d’Orcia with the use of the highest quality saffron from our Montalcino field. It is a raw or unpasteurized beer that is subjected to a second fermentation in the bottle to ensure a soft “carbonation” that enhances the flavors and aromas of saffron.

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Craft beer with saffron. Serve it at a temperature of 8-9 degrees no less.

It goes well with pasta, meat, desserts; especially dry sweets such as Tuscan cantucci, cavallucci, ricciarelli, panforte. “Perfect” match with Trippa alla Montalcinese (typical Montalcino dish of veal tripe cooked with saffron instead of tomato).

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