Honey Red 35gr


Food product based on honey and saffron produced according to an ancient and secret recipe from Montalcino.

It is recommended to try it spread on a slice of bread (indescribable if you mix it with fresh butter before spreading it), on top of a selection of cheeses or ricotta, on cooked fruit, on a biscuit or a sweet as a dessert, in desserts with fruit, with natural yogurt and fruit salad.

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Saffron Honey
JAR of 35 gr

Rosso Miele – Symphony of emotions – Long Life Elixir

With these words – also intended as synonyms – an ancient recipe has been handed down, indeed whispered, in our family for generations. It seems that the origin dates back to the sixteenth century when about six hundred families of Sienese exiles, after a long siege by the Spanish-Medicean army, moved to Montalcino. In this town, known today worldwide above all for its wine and precisely in its Fortress, the Republic of Siena (1555-1559) remained alive. In those terrible years, of siege and famine, up to the peace signed to Cateau Cambrésis between Spain and France, which sanctioned the end of the Republic of Siena and the last bastion of republican liberties in Italy, a sort of secret legend attributes the birth of this recipe. The great hardships, the lack of food, the enormous efforts due to the war resistance were alleviated (slightly or miraculously) by a mixture based on honey and saffron. We looked for historical sources of this recipe but the outcome was negative even though the cultivation of saffron in the lands surrounding the homeland of Brunello in that historical period is documented.

It is certain that our grandparents and our grandparents’ grandparents, after exhausting days of work, used to refresh themselves with what the good housewife could find in the cupboard and on the farm – always not enough – loved to finish the meal with red honey spread on top. a slice of cheese (in the most fortunate periods) or bread in the vast majority of cases.

My grandfather also called it Symphony or Elisir “Come on, give me a couple of spoons of Symphony that today I never stopped and the night is long …”.

On winter evenings, near the fireplace of the farm, there was always someone who told with a certain dose of malice and also not too veiled allusions that, on the evening before each conception of all the children, male and female, of the family for generations, at least one of the two spouses if not both had eaten this food. “ONLY LEGEND, FURBERIES, NOTHING TRUE” countered laughing the mothers present.

You will not find this recipe written in ancient texts or in some remote corner of the library or archive, you will have to trust the culinary wisdom told us, handed down for centuries and our memory because we too will be faithful to tradition and its rules!

With passion, simplicity, modesty and a lot of enthusiasm we try to bring to your table a Symphony of aromas and properties that was born in the heart of the Val d’Orcia from an ancient and secret recipe …

Nuovelle Cousine….

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