Aware of heanding down an history of generations.

“Ambiguous land of a mysteries world, unsteady. Measure of time and space, dream and experience. A smooth page with no margins, written or still to write.. ” [Mario Luzi, The months of the land of Siena. Crete and Val d’Orcia.]

Three stigmas, three friends, three stories … for an excellent product.

since ancient times

…”Since ancient times in Montalcino there were news about saffron cultivation, croco sativus. Giovanni Botti, judge and public notary in Florence, in 1593 went to Montalcino on behalf of the Sacred College and the Nunzio Apostolico Mario Giorgi, to provide informations to the Concistorial Congregation, about our economy. Convenes 10 witnesses, from Montalcino, asking them 12 questions for everyone. All of them responded that local economy, agriculture and handcraft were flourishing. I mention in particular the response of Giacomo Angelini who declares “… In the countryside close to S. Antimo is growing saffron” (This document was found in the secret archives of the Vatican). Giorgio Giorgetti in his work “Crete Senesi in the modern age – studies and research of rural history, Citta di Castello 1983” wriote: “When there are economic conditions – in Montalcino – we can grow a very high marketed plant which is saffron.”

The testimony of the naturalist Pier Andrea Mattioli in 1500 “… in Tuscany and around Siena has a great market, also for industrial and medical purposes. It is actually a plant that typically grown in clay and dry grounds.”

Montalcino, November 29, 2014

Ilio Raffaelli

Sindaco di Montalcino dal 1960 al 1980

Middle Ages

Saffron has been grown in Val d’Orcia since the Middle Ages and  it was exported mainly to Germany. In 1857, during the Tuscan agrarian exhibition Clemente Santi – one of the fathers of the Brunello di Montalcino – presented the “Saffron from Montalcino’s soil” for whose virtues and qualities deserved the prize in the exhibition. “Saffron of Mr. Santi from Montalcino is estimated for the smell and richness of coloring matter … ” .

At the end of the last century the production was almost stopped and only in recent years has been rediscovered.

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